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Meet Enis and the rest of the team behind Whiteacre Properties

Why We Started “Whiteacre Properties”

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White Acre Properties is a premier house-buying company in Boston. We are a family-owned local business based in Boston. We are a small team (also, our amazing contractor crew with marketing assistant) helping homeowners just like you to find real estate solutions for almost any situation – inherited property, foreclosure or divorce, bad tenants, or a house that needs major repairs.

Meet the Whiteacre Properties Team

Our Core Values 

  1. Positive Mindset: We impact our lives and others by bringing a Positive Mindset, regardless of circumstances. 
  2. Respect: We Respect our team & everyone we interact with. 
  3. Always Improving: We Win by always learning, growing & improving 
  4. Embrace Adversity: We never give up! Through perseverance, we overcome any challenges. 
  5. Integrity: Honest & Transparent. Doing the right thing. 
  6. Deliver your commitments: We own our responsibilities & We Do What We Say.

Our Promise To You

Cash For Houses

We promise to be fair and honest and do whatever it takes to create a genuinely win-win transaction.

I hold pride in my business and love all aspects of it. We work for “White Acre Properties” to be the BEST home-buying company in the Massachusetts area, not the second or third best. After all, Massachusetts is an incredible part of the world; we are fortunate to call it home.

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